• The Sushi Soulmates

Homeakase Highlight: SUSHI NOZ

We have always associated Sushi Noz with passion, attention to detail, and near perfection. Thankfully, these characteristics have carried over to their offerings adapted for delivery/takeaway.

Restaurant: Sushi Noz

Address: 181 East 78th Street, New York

How to Order: Delivery or Pickup via

Price: $$$

Favorite Menu Item: Toro Futomaki

Sushi Soulmates Review: Outstanding

Some of our favorite menu items include Toro Futomaki (akami, chutoro & otoro wrapped with sesame and takuan), Bara Chirashi for two (a plethora of incredibly fresh seasonal cuts resting on seasoned rice), Fried Soft Shell Crab Roll including Sushi Noz's delectable anchovy aioli for fried-leg dipping, and you can't go wrong with any of their Don bowls for a great lunch-fix.

They've continued to refine their menu over the past few months and they offer various specials that sell-out daily so make sure to check back often! Have you ordered from Sushi Noz yet? Tell us your thoughts below.