Kissaki Omakase's Lunch is Afternoon Sushi Delight

In order to add some sushi excitement to our mid-week slump, we decided to break up the work week with an omakase lunch at one of our new favorite sushi spots, Kissaki Omakase. We were especially excited to watch Chef John Daley in action running the Kissaki lunch service as we hadn’t been able to go to Daley’s omakase restaurant Sushi Ko before they closed. Chef Daley began training with 15 East’s former head chef, Masato Shimizu before moving to Japan to study under Shimizu’s master, Fumio Sato at Sukeroku.

Daley has a fun flare and finesse in his overall demeanor which is reflected in the sushi he serves, showcased amusingly as he sprinkles a plate of nigiri salt-bae style.There are 3 lunch price points: $55, $85, and $125 including 7, 9, and 11 pieces of nigiri respectively and additions of miso soup, small plates, handroll and dessert depending on which price point you choose. Even better, their lunch special is not a weekday only event—the same lunch menu is offered on Saturdays, and Sundays will be open for lunch starting in the next few weeks. To be served high quality fish by a top tier chef at a good price is definitely worth taking a longer lunch hour or passing on the bottomless brunch mimosas for.