• The Sushi Soulmates

Sea-Urchin' for Uni?

If you know anything about us, you know we are self proclaimed Uniholics. From Hokkaido to Santa Barbara, we love it all. But have you ever wished you could eat an entire box of ocean-gold nuggets from the comfort of your own bed? ....I mean...home? We've got you covered with a couple of our favorite sources.


For Valentine's Day last year (take notes, sushi-loving couples) Josh ordered a box of uni from Citarella, a New York based gourmet seafood market, and we were pleasantly surprised with the quality. We like to cook our own sushi rice and also toast up some King's Hawaiian rolls for serving.

Citarella offers both East Coast and West Coast uni with a significant price difference between the two. We splurged on the West Coast box because we tend to prefer its sweeter, more buttery flavor. They also sell the East Coast box in stores if you happen to live near a location in NYC, but we can't speak to the quality because it's never looked quite appealing enough to buy. We recommend ordering the West Coast variety online here:


Moving on to our newest discovery... if you live in NYC or have ever visited and gone full-tourist mode, chances are you've been to Eataly. Eataly is an italian food lover's absolute dream with stations of authentically fresh pasta, bakery items, pizza, seafood, and beverage counters including a few full sit-down restaurants as well.

Though the original location is in the Flatiron district, a downtown location in the World Trade Center's Oculus opened up fairly recently and their seafood counter is everything we'd hope it would be and more. This time, Natalie decided to surprise Josh with an early Hanukkah gift after doing a post-work Eataly lap. (Side note: working this close to freshly sourced take-home uni is going to be seriously threatening to my bank account). They sell boxed East Coast (Maine) uni, and West Coast (Santa Barbara) uni "per pod". $10 per pod sounds like a lot, and it is, but the portions were generous and the quality and freshness were worth the price in our opinion. For a once in a while splurge, it's an excellent option. Unfortunately they don't have an online ordering option, but if you're local and have always dreamed of eating an entire box of uni by yourself in the bathtub.... I mean, at the dinner table... definitely stop by.

Have you ever ordered uni before? What are your favorite sources? We'll keep you updated as we discover more. Let us know if you end up trying any of the above!

Peace, love and uni,

Josh & Natalie