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Soulmates Soundings

Happy New Year, sushi soulmates! To ring in the new year, we've decided to celebrate by creating a space for us to sound off on anything sushi related. We'll be discussing sourcing, DIY sushi, restaurant superlatives, random sushi musings and more based on input from YOU!

We've gotten such great feedback on our reviews, but we wanted a more informal space to be able to talk sushi-related topics in between review postings. We also wanted a place to be able to facilitate discussions and keep learning more about sushi ourselves.

Things to look forward to in the new year: weekly blog posts, the Sushi Soulmates Store featuring sushi artwork by Natalie, Josh and Natalie's WEDDING, lots of giveaways, and of course, more reviews and Instagram highlights.

As always, we'd love to hear from you. What would you like to see on our blog? What questions do you have that we could answer? Keep in touch and follow along as we expand our sushi endeavors :) And above all, have a happy and healthy New Year.

Josh & Natalie