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Where to go for some of the tastiest omakase from the most talented chefs in NYC.

by The Sushi Soulmates | Updated February 21, 2020

The question we get asked most often is without a doubt: what is your top favorite sushi or omakase in the city? We do have a personal favorite, but when thinking about which omakase to recommend to someone, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. We often ask a few questions in return such as, are you looking for more traditional or contemporary style sushi? Small and unassuming, or a more energetic party vibe? What price point do you have in mind? Any specific area of the city? Below is a list of what we think are some of the absolute best omakase sushi experiences in the city with a variety of style, price point, and atmosphere. Where have you been and where are you wanting to go? Tell us in the comments and head over to our review page for a full list of Soulmate-reviewed restaurants!

Sushi Noz selected as top omakase and top sushi restaurant in NYC - New York.

Sushi Noz

Soulmate Score:

To detail every high point of this beautifully orchestrated omakase would be to spoil some of the magic inherent in its ever-changing, ever-evolving nature. The way that Chef Noz purposefully plays on all of the senses is something that truly must be experienced firsthand, but we’ll do our best to convey what made the evening so special. To fully understand Chef Noz’s methods, let’s dive into some of his history.

Kissaki Omakase selected as top omakase and top sushi restaurant in NYC - New York.

Kissaki Omakase

Soulmate Score:

Chef Mark Garcia’s new omakase experience in NoHo, is starting off on an excellent foot in all of these areas with great promise for continued development and success. If the name Mark Garcia sounds familiar, you may know him from his time as head chef at the revered omakase restaurant Gaijin in Astoria. No longer a gaijin or “outsider” to the ever-expanding Manhattan omakase scene, Chef Mark is pairing past favorites with new creations to cement himself and his team in what we believe to be one of the top contemporary omakase spots in the city.

15 East selected as top omakase and top sushi restaurant in NYC - New York.

15 East

Soulmate Score:

We’d heard about this highly revered sushiya from plenty of fellow sushi aficionados, so we were happy to cross this one off of our bucket list. Although the celebrated head chef Masato Shimizu left to open a sushiya in Bangkok a few years ago, his successor has taken the lead with confidence and zeal, maintaining the restaurant’s status of high end, high-quality, authentic and delicious omakase.

Sushi Ishikawa selected as top omakase and top sushi restaurant in NYC - New York.

Sushi Ishikawa

Soulmate Score:

They specialize in innovative omakase, offering a unique twist on traditional omakase led by Chef Don Pham. Sushi enthusiasts may know Chef Pham from his days as Executive Sushi Chef at popular NYC sushi hub O Ya, which debuted in 2015. After working in NYC’s omakase scene for nearly two decades, he’s taking the reins and offering up his own selections of fresh and inventive bites.

Noda selected as top omakase and top sushi restaurant in NYC - New York.


Soulmate Score:

Omakase coupled with an intimate dining experience and VIP treatment seems to be trending in NYC. Noda brings the "best ofs" together to create an ultimate experience. Though the atmosphere seemed very high end, Chef Shigeyuki Tsunoda was super down to earth and friendly. After being trained by Tokyo’s Saito team and serving Michelin-starred food in Japan, Chef Tsunoda and his family were moved to NYC to create this namesake restaurant by owners Justin Hauser and David Hess.

Sushi Kaito selected as top omakase and top sushi restaurant in NYC - New York.

Sushi Kaito

Soulmate Score:

First things first, Sushi Kaito is a great deal. A 16-piece omakase for $120 is an omakase we can get behind. The variety and the freshness of the fish, the mastery and affability of the sushi chef, and the quality of service make this little Upper West Side omakase spot the best bang for your buck.

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